Model DC300



Model DC300
Batch 192 Cubes
Production 300kg/day
Storage Bin 200kg
Electric Consumption 1.80kw – Single Phase
Unit/day 43.20kw
Dimensions-mm 770x910x1640mm
Product Weight 137kg
Cube Shape Dice (Square 29x29X22mm) 16gm


Model DCX550



Model DCX550
Batch 304 Cubes
Production 550kg/day
Storage Bin 250kg
Electric Consumption 2.30kw – Single Phase
Unit/day 55.20kw
Dimensions-mm 770x910x1885mm
Product Weight 175kg
Cube Shape Dice (Square 29X29X22mm) 16gm

DCX 1001

Model DCX1001



Model DCX1001
Batch 544 Cubes
Production 1000kg/day
Storage Bin 600kg
Electric Consumption 5.4kw – Single Phase
Unit/day 129.6kw
Dimensions-mm N/Amm
Product Weight N/A
Cube Shape Dice (Square) 29X29X22mm
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